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Want a special design printed on your PadSkinz? Want letters, numbers, logos, etc..? We can do it all! We are proud to introduce our….




Once again, we have spent months of R&D to revolutionize the hockey industry. Thanks to our new cut and print process, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with PadSkinz! For example, let’s say you have a logo you want on have on your pads or gloves. We can print your logo directly on our PadSkinz material and cut it into the shape you need. All you’ll have to do is peel and stick!

How do I get my design made, you ask?

Start with an idea! Once you have an idea of what you’d like to do, send us an email at custom@padskinz.ca. If you’d just like a quote, please give us an idea of what you want to do and the dimensions of your design.  To proceed with an order, we will also need a Vector file of your image (.EPS, .AI or hi-res .PDF files). If you don’t have a Vector file, we recommend an online service like Fiverr. They can create the file for you at very reasonable prices. Please use this link:




We print exactly what you send us so please make sure it’s correct before you send it to us. Once you have the file, please send the file and the dimensions you’d like it to be by email to custom@padskinz.ca. We will review your submission and be able to answer any questions you have. Next, we’ll send you an invoice to be paid through Paypal. Once your payment has been received, we’ll create the design you ordered and ship it to your door. Your design will take approx 5 business days to complete and all orders ship from Orangeville, Ontario Canada.

It’s as simple as that. There really are no limitations to what you can do! Once again, please contact custom@padskinz.ca for any quotes or questions.

***PLEASE NOTE: our custom printed PadSkinz do not last as long as our regular PadSkinz. For the areas that rub on the ice or other pieces of equipment frequently, the ink will start to fade.***

***For replacing any regular stock graphics, the best way is still to purchase our PadSkinz sheets and do the work yourself. This is meant as a custom print and cut option.***