How To Apply PantSkinz Logos / Numbers


Warning: Please test PantSkinz Logos / Numbers in a small area first before applying. Chameleon Sports will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment or personal injury from the installation, use or removal of this product. Installation will require a flame, sharp objects and a heat blowing device that should only be handled by an adult. Please read and follow all safety warnings of these items before use. Please go to for the latest installation instructions. PantSkinz Logos / Numbers are removable but will leave an adhesive residue that is very difficult to remove so we recommend replacing PantSkinz Pant Stripes rather than removing them.


Here’s how to apply our premium PantSkinz Logos /  Numbers.  Please read and follow these directions EXACTLY to obtain an optimal bond with your equipment:

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST! The oils and dirt on your fingers will negatively affect the bond that the adhesive will make with your gear. This is very important! Also, your gear must be very dry before you apply this product.
  2. We highly recommend rounding off the 4 corner points with a pair of scissors or a knife. Doing this will avoid any corners peeling.
  3. To eliminate any fraying, it requires brief exposure to a flame. DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU ARE AN ADULT and comfortable handling a flame making device. Using a barbeque lighter or similar low flame, quickly run the flame down the edge of the outsides of each side. This will seal up any loose ends.
  4. Before peeling the adhesive backing off, establish the exact location you want the number or logo to be on the gear.
  5. Once you’re ready, peel the backing off and stick it down on the gear. Try to smooth down the center first and then move outwards so no air is trapped underneath.
  6. You can peel it up and down a couple of times if necessary to re-place the item.
  7. Once it’s in the spot you want, push down firmly on the entire area a few times. DO NOT SLIDE your hand down the length of the logo or number or you may create additional fraying.
  8. IF YOU ARE AN ADULT and feel comfortable using a hair dryer or heat gun on a low setting, you can now apply some heat with a hair dryer or heat gun (low setting). Once the PantSkinz material feels very WARM (NOT HOT, hotter is NOT better), press on it firmly. The heat will also eliminate any minor cosmetic imperfections caused by the adhesive. Do not apply heat again with these tools, you only need to do this once. This will not give a better bond, only a faster bond.
  9. We recommend leaving the item installed for 48 hours in a room temperature environment before first use. If you follow the instructions above and wait 48 hours, you’ll get a proper bond that will last much longer than if you don’t. Can you stick them on and use them right away? Yes you can however, we make no promises for the product’s effectiveness. The longer you leave it to set, the better it will hold. The difference between the bond in the first few hours and the first few days is quite significant. Also, DON’T TRY TO PEEL IT TO SEE HOW WELL IT HOLDS!!! You’re just creating a weak spot on the adhesive. Believe us, it’s on there.
    13. Take 3 steps away from your gear, turn around and look at the new beauty of your creation! Please read the removal instructions now and don’t forget to send your “before and after” pics to


TO REMOVE PANTSKINZ LOGOS / NUMBERS: PantSkinz Pant Logos / Numbers are completely removable. Simply pull them off your gear. However, there will be an adhesive residue that is very difficult to remove. We recommend replacing this area with a solid colour of PantSkinz.