How To Apply PantSkinz

WARNING: Please test PantSkinz in a small area first before applying. Chameleon Sports will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment or personal injury from the installation, use or removal of this product. Installation will require sharp objects and a heat blowing device that should only be handled by an adult. Please read and follow all safety warnings of these items before use. Please go to for the latest installation instructions.

Here’s how to apply our premium PantSkinz product. Please read and follow these directions EXACTLY to obtain an optimal bond with your equipment:
1. When you receive your order, unpack and unroll your PantSkinz material. Don’t be alarmed by the curvature the packaging has created or any creases or bubbles in the material. It will not affect the adhesion or look of your PantSkinz material once you apply it and smooth it down onto the equipment. Also, some minor fraying may occur but it’s completely normal. Trim with scissors as needed.
2. If you are covering a cut or hole in your nylon material, please make sure to cut a big enough piece to cover all surrounding areas.  If your hole is the size of a dime and you put PantSkinz on in the size of a nickel, there won’t be much adhesive to bond with the nylon. In other words, the more you put on, the better the product will hold. Also before you begin cutting, your surface must be COMPLETELY DRY. Any dampness or moisture will cause PantSkinz to not bond properly and will result in the product not working as intended.
3. Lay your desired piece of equipment on your work space and place some masking tape or painters tape over the area that you want to change or repair.
4. SLOWLY and CAREFULLY trace the design onto the tape with a soft pencil. Make sure you do this as accurately as you can, as this trace will represent how the final product will look. Have patience and take your time here.

5. Once the tracing is done, remove the tape all together from the equipment and lay it on top of the PantSkinz sheet.
6. SLOWLY and CAREFULLY cut that same shape out of your PantSkinz material. You need to be as accurate as possible. Have patience and take your time here.
7. Once the PantSkinz material is cut into the shape you want, remove the white protective backing from the back of the PantSkinz material. Carefully place the PantSkinz over the area on your equipment.
8. Start at one end of the PantSkinz material and slowly push it down on the equipment, working from one end to the other end. Make sure you are not leaving bubbles underneath the material. You want PantSkinz to sit flush with no bumps or bubbles underneath.
9. You can now apply heat with a hair dryer or heat gun (low setting, hotter is not better). Once the PantSkinz material feels WARM, press on it firmly. MAKE SURE THE SURFACE IS NOT HOT BEFORE YOU TOUCH IT!  Also, DON’T TRY TO PEEL IT TO SEE HOW WELL IT HOLDS!!! You’re just creating a spot for it to peel.
10. Continue pressing down FIRMLY on the entire PantSkinz design once a day for the next 48 hours described below.
11. We HIGHLY recommend leaving PantSkinz installed for 48 hours in a room temperature environment. If you follow the instructions above and wait 48 hours, you’ll get a proper bond that will last much longer than if you don’t. Can you use it right away? Yes you can however, we make no promises for the product’s effectiveness. The longer you leave it to set, the better it will hold. The difference between the bond in the first few hours the first few days is quite significant.

12. Take 5 steps away from your equipment, turn around, look and enjoy the new beauty of your creation! Please read the removal instructions now and don’t forget to send your “before and after” pics to


PantSkinz are removable but due to the strength of the remaining adhesive left on the gear upon removal, we recommend replacing with more PantSkinz if you need to remove it. To remove PantSkinz, simply dig your fingernail under a corner and pull the PantSkinz piece away from the piece of equipment it’s installed on.