Here’s how to apply our premium CageSkinz product. Please read and follow these directions EXACTLY to obtain an optimal bond with your mask:

  1. Unroll your CageSkinz material. Please note the layout on the page, as this is the same way it should be applied to your mask. You can of course apply the pieces however you like to give a more custom look. Please also wash your hands so the oils and dirt on your fingers don’t affect the adhesive.
  2. You’ll need a very sharp blade to install CageSkinz, as some trimming will be required. Also, please make sure your mask is clean and free of lint by using a terry cloth to wipe it down to remove any dust. Please use a screwdriver to remove your cage, backplate and any other hardware before installing.
  3. Each top piece of CageSkinz will go in a groove on the top of your mask, as per the pics on the back. When applying, do your best to smooth the material down without any remaining bubbles underneath he CageSkinz material. You can peel the material back up and down repeatedly to ensure no bubbles or wrinkles.
  4. Start with the large side graphics. Try to center the logo as best you can. Once you have a good location, lightly push down in a couple of places so it doesn’t move. Starting from the middle, flatten down the vinyl using your finger by smoothing down towards the outsides. Once all is flat down on the mask, you’ll need to trim around the cage opening and outsides with a sharp blade. When trimming, it’s best to leave approx. a quarter of an inch of material to wrap around the sides and cage opening.
  5. Once the sides are applied, move to one of the outer – top pieces. This will require you to go over a small lip since it starts just above the cage line. Start at the small end and continue pushing the material down with your thumb or finger onto the mask following right through to the back of the mask. Again, make sure no bubbles or wrinkles exist. If so, peel up and push back down. Using a sharp blade, trim off excess.
  6. Next, take one of the middle – top pieces and apply in the top groove of the mask. You can attach and reapply as many times as you like to find the best placement and eliminate bubbles. Using a sharp blade, trim off excess at the back of the mask.
  7. Now you can apply the chin stripes. You can either add 1 or 2 stripes and you can customize whether they are thicker or thinner, depending on where you apply / trim them. Repeat the processes above to apply.
  8. Peel off the number(s) you want and apply to the desired area on the chin.
  9. Finally, using your sharp blade, trim around any vent holes that were covered. Cut a small X into the middle of the circle. Using your thumb, push through the hole from the outside of the mask to the inside of the mask. You will now see 4 “tabs” sticking through the hole from the inside. Using your sharp blade, slice each tab down the middle vertically so you create 8 tabs. Stick them all down to the mask’s shell. Use a hair dryer to heat these tabs and smooth them down with your finger once they are warm. Re-attach your cage and you’re ready to go!
  10. This step is for masks that are NOT a solid colour. To cover up the previous paint job, you’ll need to apply our white mask vinyl. To create the proper white pieces to go in between the pre-cut graphics, you’ll want to use masking tape or painters tape. Apply as many strips of masking tape as is necessary to cover the entire area in between each graphic. Trace the shape of the piece you need to create, remove the masking tape and lay it down on top of the white mask vinyl. Using a sharp blade, cut that shape out of the white vinyl. Peel the backing off and the remaining masking tape and apply the piece. Continue to do this for each section that requires it. For the chin, please cut a single piece to cover the chin area between the last 2 chin stripes. Once covered with white vinyl, you can apply the chin numbers on top of it.