How To Apply PantSkinz Pant Stripes

Warning: Please test PantSkinz Pant Stripes in a small area first before applying. Chameleon Sports will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment or personal injury from the installation, use or removal of this product. Installation will require a flame, sharp objects and a heat blowing device that should only be handled by an adult. Please read and follow all safety warnings of these items before use. Please go to for the latest installation instructions. PantSkinz Pant Stripes are removable but will leave an adhesive residue that is very difficult to remove so we recommend replacing PantSkinz Pant Stripes rather than removing them.


Here’s how to apply our premium PantSkinz Pant Stripes. Please read and follow these directions EXACTLY to obtain an optimal bond with your equipment:

  1. When you open the package, unroll your PantSkinz Pant Stripes. Don’t be alarmed by the curvature the packaging has created, it will not affect the adhesion or look of your pant stripes once you apply it and smooth it down onto the equipment. Also, some fraying around the outside of the pant stripes may occur but it’s completely normal since nylon is a woven material. We will describe how to remove fraying below and get a perfect look below.
  2.  WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST! The oils and dirt on your fingers will negatively affect the bond that the adhesive will make with your pants. This is very important!
  3. To eliminate fraying down the sides of the 1” or 3” stripe, it requires brief exposure to a flame. DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU ARE AN ADULT and comfortable handling a flame making device. Using a barbeque lighter or similar low flame, quickly run the flame down the edge of the outsides of each 1” and 3” stripe. This will seal up any loose ends.
  4. Lay the 3” white stripes on a firm and flat surface. We recommend taping down the sides of the white stripe with masking tape or painters tape to keep them steady.
  5. You will need to lay each 1” colour stripe down the middle of each 3” white stripe. Take one 1” colour stripe and slowly peel back the adhesive backing about 1 inch to expose the adhesive. Starting at the top of the 3” white stripe, begin peeling back the adhesive backing of the 1” stripe and lay it down the center of the 3” white stripe. The key here is to go as slow as possible. You can pull the 1” stripe up and down a few times off the 3” stripe to make sure the entire length is centered but the fewer times you do this, the better it is for the adhesive. Press down firmly
  6. Once complete, you are ready to apply your PantSkinz Pant Stripes to the pants. Identify on the sides of the pants, the exact area that you will use for the assembled pant stripes. When ready, slowly peel back approximately 1” of the adhesive backing of the 3” stripe and begin to apply it to your pants, starting at the top seam of your pants just under the belt buckle. Again, you can peel the 3” assembled stripe off the pants a few times to make sure it is centered but the fewer times you do this, the better it is for the adhesive.
  7. Continue laying the assembled 3” pant stripe as straight as possible down the side of the pants. Make sure there are no ripples or waves in the material of the pants. Your assembled pant stripe cannot have any gaps between the adhesive and the pants and must be fully adhered to the pant material so no dirt or water can get underneath.
  8. Pay special attention to the exterior pant seam near the bottom of each pant leg. As mentioned above, there can be no gaps between the adhesive and the pants so make sure to lay the assembled pant stripe inside the gap created by the seam at the bottom leg of the pants.
  9. Once the stripe is fully applied down the leg, wrap the remaining stripe under the leg and cut it off where the seam ends underneath.
  10. Press down firmly on all areas of the pant stripes down onto the pants. DO NOT SLIDE your hand down the length of the stripe or you may create additional fraying.
  11. IF YOU ARE AN ADULT and feel comfortable using a hair dryer or heat gun on a low setting, you can now apply some heat with a hair dryer or heat gun (low setting). Once the PantSkinz material feels very WARM (NOT HOT, hotter is NOT better), press on it firmly. The heat will also eliminate any minor cosmetic imperfections caused by the adhesive. Do not apply heat again with these tools, you only need to do this once.
  12. We recommend leaving PantSkinz Pant Stripes installed for 48 hours in a room temperature environment before first use. If you follow the instructions above and wait 48 hours, you’ll get a proper bond that will last much longer than if you don’t. Can you stick them on and use them right away? Yes you can however, we make no promises for the product’s effectiveness. The longer you leave it to set, the better it will hold. The difference between the bond in the first few hours and the first few days is quite significant. Also, DON’T TRY TO PEEL IT TO SEE HOW WELL IT HOLDS!!! You’re just creating a weak spot on the adhesive. Believe us, it’s on there.
  13. Take 3 steps away from your pants, turn around and look at the new beauty of your creation! Please read the removal instructions now and don’t forget to send your “before and after” pics to


TO REMOVE PANTSKINZ: PantSkinz Pant Stripes are completely removable. Simply pull them off your hockey pants. However, there will be an adhesive residue that is very difficult to remove. We recommend replacing PantSkinz Pant Stripes with another stripe colour.