Warning: Please test all adhesive removal liquids in a small area of the equipment first before applying. Chameleon Sports will not be held responsible for any damage to your equipment or personal injury from the installation, use or removal of these products, suggested products or their contents. These liquids should only be handled by an adult. Please read and follow all product usage instructions and safety warnings before use.

You purchased our product because you wanted it to stick and stay stuck, not come off easily! If you’re just going to put more PadSkinz on top of the remaining adhesive then a complete adhesive removal is not necessary. The directions below are for a complete removal and return to the original look of the pad. Please always check back here for the latest removal instructions. Time and patience are required here:

  1. Dig your fingernail under a corner of the PadSkinz material and peel the material away from the equipment. Once you’ve peeled it all off, keep it as you may need it to help with removal
  2. Once the material is removed, you’ll probably have some adhesive still on the equipment. To remove this residue, we recommend using the sticky side of the piece you just removed to dab those areas. Our adhesive sticks extremely well to itself and this will pull off the remaining bits.  You can also roll it in one direction with your thumb, fingers or eraser until it is no longer sticky. Using the ball that you create, you can use it to dab and pull off the remaining adhesive as well. This is a very effective method.
  3. If you have a more challenging amount of adhesive stuck to your gear, we recommend 3M Adhesive Remover. This should be a last resort if the above methods have failed for some strange reason. If you cannot find 3M, a highly concentrated citrus cleaner will work. 3M Adhesive Remover can remove printed logos on your gear so we advise you not to use near those logos. No matter what method you use, rub VERY gently and in one direction only, as a very firm rub could damage your equipment.
  4. Starting at one end of the pad, apply the 3M Adhesive Remover to the adhesive and allow it 2 – 3 minutes to work. Do not drench the adhesive, as you do not want the liquid going into other parts of the equipment.
  5. After 2 – 3 mins, use the dry part of your rag or cloth and push the adhesive in one direction. After a few rubs, the adhesive will start to break up and roll off. When it no longer rolls, apply more of your citrus cleaner or 3M Adhesive Remover and repeat this process until your equipment is clean.
  6. When the stickiness is gone, please wash any exposed skin with soap and water, as well as ALL areas of the equipment with soap and water that were exposed to the citrus cleaner or 3M Adhesive Remover. Towel dry after washing.