Pro Laces Armor HYBRID

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PadSkinz Pro Laces Armor HYBRID are a high quality bungee toe tie system to attach your leg pad to your skate. These Armor laces are even more durable than standard Pro Laces due to a waxed lace that acts like a sleeve to protect the cord against premature wear. This offers a classic look to the lace and at the same time upgrading the usual performance of the product. Where the HYBRID system differs from the regular Pro Laces Armor is that there is a 3/4 inch gap sewn-in to allow your skate more movement away from the pad. Same as tying knots in a lace. We’ve partnered with Pro Laces to offer you 4 great looking colours to match your team: Black, Red, Royal Blue and White. PadSkinz Pro Laces Armor are sold in pairs and come with installation screws and instructions. Find them in our shop here: