Edge Protech


  • Easily attaches to the bottom of any hockey net goal posts
  • Protects skate blades from striking goal post during play
  • Great for practice, pre-game warmups and goalie schools
  • High quality, thick, durable rubber
  • Helps save you money on skate sharpening
  • Sold in pairs


Edge Protech is a patented rubberized protector for the bottom of goal posts, to be used in goalie schools, warm-ups and practices. Edge Protech uses a thick and durable rubber with a high quality you can feel when they’re in your hands. Once they are easily attached to the bottom of the posts, they prevent serious nicks in a goalie’s edges that can seriously damage their blades. As a result, this product may also save users money on skate sharpening. Established in 2004, Edge Protech has been used in the Olympics, NHL, Minor Pros, kids and adult leagues all over the world!



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