Pro Goal Mask Harness


  • Fits ALL goal masks
  • Soft, thick stock elastic
  • 4 Colours Available
  • Show more backplate graphic

*Much more info below*

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Do you have a graphic on the backplate of your goal mask but find it difficult to see due to the harness down the middle? Nash Sports has the solution! This revolutionary PRO harness system fits ALL goal masks due to it’s incredible simplicity. The straps attach the same as most harnesses, except that you attach each of the 5 securing straps individually to each mount on the mask / backplate. This leaves the majority of the backplate uncovered, allowing you to show off the graphic. These PRO harnesses are made from a soft cotton elastic using durable weave material, giving them a thick, soft stock feel. This product comes in 4 colours (Red, Blue, Black and White) and can be used to add some colour or refresh your mask as well. Each package includes 5 elastic straps with 5 clips.

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