CageSkinz “The Kaz Kit”



  • Designed and used by Kasimir Kaskisuo
  • Easy to Apply yourself
  • Customizable colours and your logo on top
  • Durable, premium quality material proven at the highest levels of hockey
  • Bubble free and easy to remove

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Designed and used by pro goalie Kasimir Kaskisuo, this easy to apply CageSkinz vinyl mask kit will have you looking like a pro too. Each CageSkinz piece goes on a relatively flat section of the goal mask to make installation a breeze. We’ll customize the colours and give you a 3″ – 4″ logo of your choice for the top of the mask. While each JR or SR size is a One Size Fits All solution, each piece (except the logo) is made to be too large so some trimming will be required during installation to fit your specific mask. The vinyl we use is of the highest quality, extremely durable and high gloss so it appears more like paint, rather than a sticker. CageSkinz mask vinyl is also bubble free for easy application. Best of all, it’s fully removable and will not leave any residue on your mask. Don’t be fooled by low quality / low priced flimsy alternatives! Our CageSkinz have been used at the NHL level for a full season so you know you can trust our high quality products.

How do I get my design made, you ask?

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to do, contact us using the Inquiry Form on this page. We’ll send you a mockup of what your design will look like, typically in 24-48 hours. Once you’re happy with the design and your payment has been received, we’ll create the design you ordered and ship it to your door. Your design will take approx 1-2 weeks to complete and all orders ship from Orangeville, Ontario Canada. It’s as simple as that. Once again, please contact for any questions.

A few things to note:

  • The shape of the pieces will not change. We are going for a uniform look and ease of installation. If we were to change the shapes, the mask would lose the ease of installation.
  • Each YTH/JR or INT/SR size will fit all masks in that size category since each piece is too big and requires some trimming.
  • If you have any loose paint, it will come off when you remove this product.
  • All orders are final once proofs are approved and payment has been received.


All goal masks and helmets are certified by the CSA and HECC in North America. Both governing bodies rules state that stickers that are not approved by the goal mask or helmet manufacturer are NOT to be applied to a polycarbonate goal mask or helmet. There is a risk of the plastic and adhesives interacting poorly to weaken the goal mask / helmet shell, according to those governing bodies. Applying CageSkinz or any other unapproved sticker to the polycarbonate goal mask or helmet will void the manufacturer’s warranty and nullify the CSA or HECC certification. We ask that you DO NOT purchase CageSkinz unless you have confirmed 100% that you do not have a polycarbonate goal mask or helmet. This is NOT an issue if you do not use a polycarbonate goal mask or helmet. We will NOT be held liable for damage to equipment or personal injury if these rules are ignored.  Please consult our Terms & Conditions for our Limitation of Liability. More info can be found at the link below but we suggest you consult your country’s hockey association rules and mask manufacturer’s warranty.



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