Big PantSkinz


  • 1 bulk sheet of PantSkinz (54″L x 15″W), any colour
  • Includes equal length premium tracing paper and instructions
  • Best for larger changes
  • Durable and long lasting

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Looking to make a big change to the nylon on your pads, gloves, pants or player gloves? This size is for you! PantSkinz are sheets of 420 Denier Nylon with an adhesive backing. Just cut out the shape you need, peel off the backing and apply it to your nylon surface like a sticker. PantSkinz come in 14 different colours so you can match your favorite team colour. Our Big PantSkinz will give you one bulk sheet of our premium PantSkinz material measuring 54″x 15″, one similar sized piece of tracing paper and installation instructions. PantSkinz are also 100% removable and not permanent. PantSkinz have been used for many years by pro teams from the NHL, AHL, OHL, WHL, QMJHL, DEL, and many more all over the world. Thanks to our long R&D process, you can trust our high quality products.

***Please note: If you do try to remove PantSkinz, there will be an adhesive residue that is very difficult to remove. We recommend patching the area with a new piece of PantSkinz.***

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Dimensions54 × 15 in