PadSkinz Waffles


  • PadSkinz waffle board design
  • Covers the entire blocker facing, sides, top and bottom
  • Your choice of colours, number and bar name
  • Use Inquiry Form below to begin process

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Want to give your blocker an old school waffle board look? Then get yourself a PadSkinz Waffle! These pre-printed PadSkinz will give new life to your blocker. Every Waffle comes on white PadSkinz only but you pick the dot colour, bar colour, what’s written inside, and the number and we’ll print it for you. The price of a custom Waffle design is $59.99 and typically takes about 1 week to produce and ship. This is for a senior blocker only and one size fits all as some trimming is required depending on your blocker. We include enough material to cover the sides, top and bottom of your blocker as well. This is not permanent and is removable. Please do not purchase this until you have filled out the inquiry form and we have finalized your design.

***PLEASE NOTE: We can only use a white base for the main colour due to limitations with the technology and inks.***

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What do you want it to say inside the bar and what colour do you want the letters?
What number do you want and what main and outline colours?

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